Terms and Conditions

Motorhome Self Drive Hire and Services


Please take the time to read the following Terms & Conditions for our Motorhome Self Drive Hire and Services carefully, as signing our rental agreement means you are accepting all of the conditions set out within it, which are legally binding. Any dispute arising hereunder shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. 

If you have any concerns, or are in any doubt whatsoever about any of the following points then please contact C&J Motorhomes. This agreement is between the operator (C&J Motorhomes) and the Hirer (You). 


No 1. Booking & Reservation / Deposit
Bookings / Reservations are accepted by phone or by e-mail. Payment of the deposit and full fund must come from the card of the main driver (this is for fraud and insurance reasons). 

C&J Motorhomescharge a deposit of20% of the full booking price. Payment to be made at the time of reservation upon which dates will be secured and remaining funds to be paid 24 hours prior to departure.  


No 2. Driving licence(s) and Identification 

Prior to collection we will need to take a photocopy of your driving licence (both parts if new photo card).
Plus TWO additional forms of identification e.g. Passport, utility bill, bank statement etc. with drivers name and address. 

Drivers must be aged between 25 and 70, and have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 2 years and be in good health. Licence endorsements (points) will be considered on an individual basis.  

For overseas hirers, licences need to be in English. Green card Insurance is available for European travel at an extra cost. 

In addition to the main driver an additional driver will be considered if named on the booking form and on production of the acceptable licences. 

Important our motorhomes can be driven with a normal car licence. 


No 3. Comprehensive Insurance
C&J Motorhomes have comprehensive driver insurance on the UK mainland for the drivers listed on the hire agreement for the period of the rental. Please note this does NOT cover your personal property and you are advised to arrange holiday insurance. 

Fully comprehensive insurance for normal use in the UK is included within the hire charge. If you wish to take the vehicle abroad however, you need to inform us of this at the time of booking and we will organise all the necessary European insurance requirements on behalf of the hirer at cost price. In the event of any form of accident that results in damage, our insurance policy excess is motorhomes £750 and the hirer excepts full liability to pay the excess amount (less their damage retention deposit) for damage caused to the hire vehicle itself, or any third party owned vehicle or property throughout the hirers hire period (please note, that you the hirer, are responsible for any vehicle damage throughout the entire hire period, even if you are away from the vehicle at the time of any damaged caused). 

Any person other than the named driver(s), found driving, involved in an accident, responsible for third party property damage or personal injury will be personally liable for their actions, and also liable to prosecution. We will also hold the main hirer responsible for allowing an uninsured person to get behind the wheel. Our insurance covers the vehicle, our belongings and equipment ONLY. 

3.1 The insured vehicle shall be driven only by the hirer or other permitted driver who has completed and signed a hirer’s proposal / booking form immediately prior to any hiring. 

3.2 The insured vehicle should not be used for the carriage of goods of any explosive dangerous or hazardous nature or for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire and reward or any other form of profit or remuneration. 


No 4. Refundable damage/security deposit (bond)
Bond  for both motorhome rental 

A £750 refundable security / damage deposit (bond) is required prior to commencement of the hire period. This needs to be paid by  card. 

C&J Motorhomes reserve the right to deduct the cost of repair/rectification for any exterior/interior damaged caused to the motorhome as a consequence of the hirers negligence or actions. 

The security deposit (bond) is held by C&J Motorhomes against any additional damage, breakages, broken/missing items, fuel shortages, cost incurred of insurance claims. The security deposit (less any deductions) will be returned to you via bank transfer within 36 hours after the vehicle is returned, which allows us sufficient time to fully inspect the vehicle. Under no circumstances will we return the deposit without doing our usual thorough inspection.  


No 5. Motor home collection / delivery –suitable persons and locations
Delivery – at the discretion of C&J Motorhomes. 

(Familiarisation) depending upon your previous experience, we will need to spend approximately 45 minutes familiarising you with the motorhome, equipment etc. in order for you to be comfortable and at ease with all equipment. 

Inspection – we will ask you to inspect for any existing/previous motorhome damage and check the inventory is correct and to your satisfaction. A hirer’s handbook is provided, covering equipment operation and inventories. 

We have the right to refuse to hand over a motorhome to any person who, in our reasonable opinion, is not suitable to take charge. In the event of a vehicle withdrawn – no refund can be made to the hirer. C&J Motorhome with have no further liability. 


No 6. Motorhome return
It is necessary that you return the motorhome as agreed by 11 am so as to not inconvenience the next hirer and most importantly not to jeopardise your hirer’s insurance cover. 

The insurance cover is only valid for the stated hire period and you could be liable for prosecution under the ROAD TRAFFIC ACT for driving whilst uninsured, so in the event of you being delayed, you must ring us immediately in order for us to get the appropriate insurance cover needed. Late returns can have serious repercussions on the next persons planned hire period, and we reserve the right to change £30 for every hour the vehicle is late at the discretion of C&J Motorhomes  


On return
The fuel tank needs to be full of diesel. The interior, galley oven, and hob units, refrigerator to be clean and toilet and waste tanks emptied. If additional cleaning and emptying of waste/toilet is required an additional payment of £50 is required and will be deducted from your bond. 


No 7. Breakdowns, repairs and liabilities
All C&J Motorhomes carry full breakdown and recovery cover. In the case of breakdown or accident a 24 hour phone number is provided in the hirer’s hand book. In the case of breakdowns which are the fault of the hirer (eg: filling the wrong type of fuel), costs incurred are the responsibility of the hirer. 

Unfortunately, mechanical items do breakdown from time to time, but in the unlikely event of a breakdown, you are fully covered by comprehensive breakdown and recovery service. The service offers cover of any mechanical failure, general road side assistance and wheel changing in the event of a puncture. The hirer is authorised to spend up to £50 on repairs with our approval, which will be repaid upon submission of a valid receipt. Any repairs costing more than £50 will need the full approval of C&J Motorhomes in all instances. In the event of a breakdown, we will do all we possibly can to help and assist you, but we accept NO liability for the cost of a replacement vehicle, travel expenses, alternative accommodation costs or any other consequential loss claims arising from the motorhome suffering mechanical failure. 


No 8. Availability
Unfortunately, motorhomes are sometimes not available when agreed, which is almost always due to events beyond our control. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the vehicle is ready for you at the agreed time and date, if due to circumstances beyond our control result in the cancellation of your booking (which we reserve the right to do), and an alternative suitable motorhome is not available, then our liability is strictly limited to the refund of all monies paid by you, we will except no liability for the cost of a replacement vehicle, travel expenses, alternative accommodation. Costs or any other consequential loss claims arising from events beyond our control. Circumstances that we deem beyond our control include, but are not limited to: 

  • Breakdowns and mechanical failure 
  • Emergency repairs and accident damage 
  • Late returns from previous hire
  • Vehicles returned with excessive/unreasonable cleaning requirements 


No 9. Appliances / equipment / feature failure 

We do not consider appliance / generator / feature failure, such as the generator will not start, the leisure batteries went flat, there is no hot water or we cannot get a tv signal etc as a vehicle breakdown (all appliances / features will have been demonstrated to you upon vehicle hand over, and will also have comprehensive operating instructions in your welcome pack). 

In most cases however, appliance failure is normally down to the user being unfamiliar with the operation of the appliance, but in the unlikely event of a fault of appliance failure, we will do all we possibly can to assist you, but we except no liability for the cost of a replacement vehicle, travel expenses, alternative accommodation costs, or any other consequential loss claims arising from the motorhome suffering from appliance, equipment, feature failure. 


No 10. Additional charges 

We make allowances for normal everyday cooking, washing, linen usage, road grime. However, deductions or charges are always applied for negligent, disrespectful and abnormal use of our vehicles. Our interpretation of these such occurrences includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Blocked toilet
  • Excessive interior cleaning required
  • Carpets requiring more than just a normal vacuum
  • Marked or stained upholstery or carpets
  • Smoking or uninvited pets
  • Non-accidental food and drink spillages 


No 11. Your responsibilities during hire period 

The hirer excepts full responsibility for the vehicle throughout the hire period, and will ensure that the following points are observed and adhered to at all times. Any breach of these points may also result in the full or partial loss of your deposit. 

It is the hirer’s responsibility: 

  • To ensure that no one smokes inside the vehicle
  • To ensure that no uninvited pets/ animals are allowed inside the vehicle
  • To ensure that the vehicle is locked and secured when left unattended/ sat nav removed from show when unattended
  • To ensure the vehicle is kept and handed back in a reasonably clean and tidy condition
  • To ensure that no personal belongings have been left in the vehicle prior to departure from the vehicle.
  • To ensure that the vehicle is not used for any purpose other than the agreed private and pleasure use as it is intended for ( for example, hire and reward ). 


No 12. Misc
The hirer is responsible for any traffic offences committed, parking fines or congestion charges whilst the vehicle is in their charge.
The hirer responsibility is to comply with all European law when the vehicle is taken into Europe.
The hirer is responsible for daily checks in respect of vehicle fluid levels, bulbs and tyre pressures etc.
The hirer is responsible for damage to tyres, windscreens and vehicle damage.
The hirer is responsible for locking doors and windows when the vehicle is left unattended.
C&J Motorhomes except no liability for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation costs, or consequential losses from a breakdown or accident.
When the vehicle is in motion passengers must be seated in the designated seats wearing seatbelts provided and the hirer takes full responsibility of these passengers. C&J Motorhomes will not be liable for any injury that arises to any person that is not wearing a seat belt. 

The gas must be turned off and any items not bolted down to be made secure. 

Pets are allowed at the discretion of C&J Motorhomes, this must be agreed prior to departure.  


No 13. No smoking policy
C&J Motorhomes operate a strict no smoking policy inside the vehicle. Failure may result in the hirer incurring a valeting charge. 

Although all of these terms and conditions are very important for both parties; We do hope it does not distract from the enjoyment of hiring our motorhome. 

Pickup time is 14.00pm
Drop off time is 11.00am